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Mobile Health
Monitoring, Simplified.

Track, monitor and treat Patients with vitals monitoring from anywhere in the world.

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All-In-One Solution for Technology Partners to Facilitate Remote Care

Harris 360 is FDA Class II Medical Device ISO 13485 Certified and is committed to Medical Device Directives, regulations and responsibilities while demonstrating a commitment to the quality, design and safety of the device.

Remote Connectivity

Designed for a mobile healthcare workforce, connect anytime, anywhere, globally.

  • Leverage Wi-Fi or any cellular connection around the world
  • Automatic uploading of data reduces the need for additional time spent trying to capture readings and manually transcribe or upload them
  • No need to find connectivity and try to upload each vital sign measurement individually and no dependence on an unsecure connection or personal device
  • If no Wi-Fi or cellular service is available, the vital sign measurements are stored securely on the device and then uploaded automatically when connectivity is present
  • Reduces the cost of labor and increases the quality of data being captured and transmitted

Single Multi-Diagnostic Device

Utilize a single device to capture and automatically transfer key patient vitals, helping clinicians to be proactive instead of reactive.

  • Provides ongoing monitoring remotely of patients who are high risk or have chronic diseases
  • Simple enough for any patient to use and provides a comprehensive view of the patients health from the comfort of their home
  • Replaces a number of separate medical devices, enabling providers to deliver care outside of a traditional office or healthcare facility
  • Integrated solution used in conjunction with your provider’s active monitoring can help them reduce the risk of return hospital and emergency room visits
  • Reduce the number of plugs, outlets, and batteries needed to utilize the traditional multiple peripherals for monitoring patients; one easy to carry device that can be used anywhere

Centralized Connected Hub

A single solution that eliminates the need to deploy multiple diagnostic instruments connected to a hub or other device. The Vitals360 is a self-contained solution that is cost effective and easy to deploy.

  • Eliminate need for costly IT integration from multiple data sources
  • Benefit from integrated and standardized data transfers from a cloud platform for any single patient
  • Enables telehealth to monitor near-real time physiologic data, allowing the clinician to have the right information to make the right decision at the right time
  • Patient protected health information is secure and meets or exceeds HIPAA requirements including access controls, audit controls and integrity controls

Cloud-Based Platform

Comprehensive platform that provides near-real time data transfer and instant accessibility that utilizes your technology or ours.

  • Utilize an API to simplify solution integrations
  • Secured data is available and ready for transfer to a patient’s EMR/EHR system, provider phones via downloaded phone apps, or other available solutions in the market
  • Cloud structure allows for convenient access to data analytics, predictive modeling and infectious disease management

Monitorable Vitals

Blood Pressure
Blood Oxygen

Monitorable Vitals

Blood Pressure
Blood Oxygen

Synchronize the Management of Patient Care through Vitals360

Comprehensive platform that provides real time data transfer and instant accessibility to Patient data

  • Improved chronic condition monitoring
  • Improved patient outcomes
  • Improved access to care
  • Reduced hospital re-admissions
  • Supported patient-centered care
  • Reduced emergency and clinic visits
  • Reduced burden on the healthcare systems

Vitals360 Overview

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PrognoCIS: An Integrated EMR Solution for Managing Patient Care

PrognoCIS Electronic Health Records is a HIPAA compliant clinical and business productivity software for healthcare providers and specialists. PrognoCIS is a complete solution with features that include EHR Practice Management, Patient Portal, e-prescription (with EPSC and adherence), integrations, document management, customizable workflows and templates, referral management, authorization tracking, medical billing and telemedicine.

Drive better care outcomes with Vitals360 and PrognoCIS

A single solution that eliminates the need to deploy multiple diagnostic instruments connected to a hub, tablet or cellphone. The Vitals360 is a self-contained solution that is cost effective and easy to deploy.